Okefenokee in the Spring

These images come from one of our many trips to the Okefenokee. This trip was in April 2018 and was our first visit in the spring as we usually go in the middle of the winter. We were really curious to see what the swamp would be like in Spring.

We were also excited about a meteor shower that we were going to watch in the darkness of the swamp. As it turned out, rain and clouds obscured the celestial show, but were not disappointed because the dramatic clouds and rain gave us just another kind of beauty.

We travel by canoe instead of kayak as it is much easier to haul gear and get out of the boat to access camping platforms.

Right now, the Okefenokee is being threatened by potential mining. Please take a look at what you can do to help protect the swamp at Georgia River Network. Public comments are open until May 28th

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