Why I Like This Photo – Gene’s Portrait

First, this is my Dad and the image reminds me of his engagement with life and his surroundings. His expression is engaging and makes me want to talk to him

How did this picture come about?

We were at lunch during trip in Florida. We’d been scouting locations for an upcoming photography project, and were a bit tired and very hungry. We found this wonderful restaurant by one of the many lakes around the Kissimmee River

What is the picture saying?

It is inviting. It feels like you are in the middle of a conversation. You wonder what what he is saying because of the casual look on the face.

What makes this picture work?

  1. The simple background with bold but not harsh colors
  2. The blue stripes in Dad’s shirt picks up the blue in the background’
  3. The familiar cliche “portrait pose” BUT the face not in a perfect posed position; it looks in like he is speaking.

The most important design elements of the picture- how is it used?

  1. Leading lines and rule of thirds
  2. The leading line of the arm
  3. How the background breaks up the picture in 3  pleasing section.

Which rule of composition is most prominent? 

Rule of thirds

How does image break the rules? 

This is a traditional and overused pose, but with a twist because of facial expression.

How does it use these tradition rules of composition?

Rule of Thirds
Poster child for rule of thirds

Leading Line
Leading line of arm takes your attention right to the subject’s eye

How does your eye move around the image?

My eye goes up and down with background in thirds then the arm catches it and brings up to the face

Black and white or color?

Color is important to show off the composition.

What keeps the shot from being boring? 

The unexpected facial expression.

What keeps it from being too busy

The repeating rectangles of the background.

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