Trip with Dad

It is dad’s 93rd birthday today and I have been thinking of some of the wonderful trips we have taken. These photos come from a trip to the Mississippi river where we explored parts of the state of Mississippi and upriver to Memphis, Tennessee. This trip was really fun and the memories bring me comfort in this time of covid-19.

Dad sits on the porch of Elvis’s Birthplace.

Many famous Blues artists were born in rural Mississippi. Here is Dad paying homage to Robert Blackhawk in Friars Point, Mississippi.

Dad stands on the second floor of the building which housed the Under the Hill Saloon in the old port area of Natchez, Mississippi. Rooms where available for rent, and in the areas seedier days, it is alleged that Mark Twain stayed at this very spot.

A steamboat pulls up to the dock in the “Under the Hill” area of Natchez.

Much of the state of  Mississippi is farmland, very very flat farmland.

This shadow of a tourist steamboat harkens back to a time when smoke really did bellow out of the stacks. Here, the river lives up to the nickname “Muddy” Mississippi.

Memphis sits on the shores of the Mississippi river which winds for 2,300 miles.

Here are 3 of the 130 or so bridges that cross the Mississippi. This dramatic image came from Memphis.

Railroad bridges make an interesting subject too.

We had to visit Sun Studios while in Memphis. Sun had been called the birthplace of rock and roll. Dad is singing with a picture of Elvis Presley.

I had to get in on the Elvis fun too

4 thoughts on “Trip with Dad”

  1. Anne, thanks for giving us this travelogue of Mississippi music sites and joints you enjoyed with your creative dad. I was lucky enough to share Graceland with my mother in law Bernice Janney on a bucket list trip in the 1990’s and your trip brings me warm memories of a similar adventure with a beloved.


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